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We know that this is a scary time for everyone. Here is how we're taking steps to protect you:

  • Artists are to wear a mask during the entire appointment.

  • Artists are to wash hands or sanitize upon arrival, in between clients and after.

  • If weather and circumstances permit, we prefer to work outside.

  • If timing and availability permit, we are doing our best to send only 1 artist on every appointment.

  • If 2 artists are scheduled, we ask that you make enough room for artists to work in different spaces or rooms.

  • Artists are to take 1 client at a time. 

  • No friends, family members, children or photographers are allowed in the room or space where the client is getting serviced. Maximum of 2 people in the room or outside area at a time.

  • Everyone, including clients, must wear cloth face coverings the entire time our artists are present in the clients home, hotel room or venue.

  • Clients are encouraged to wear face coverings with ear-loops to ensure the face covering does not interfere with the hair service.

  • Makeup clients are to wear a mask until foundation application.

  • Artists are to sanitize products in between clients. They have always and will always do this, anyways. But we are putting extra emphasis on this process during this time.

  • Artists are to notify us immediately if they are feeling ill or have been in contact with an individual that tested positive with the virus so that we can find replacements as soon as possible.


Brides are anxious to book their 2022 weddings because they know everyone in 2020/2021 is moving their dates, meaning, 2022 is booking up fast! Understandably so, some brides are still afraid to book because the future is so uncertain. We understand that this is a tough time, and we're here for you! Here is what we're doing to put your mind at ease so you can secure your date now, without worry:

  •  We are allowing cancellations even only a week prior to the service date.

  • Remaining balances will not be owed if the booking is canceled at least a week in advance.

  • We are allowing rescheduling at any time (even if your new date is a year from now!) without owing another deposit to secure the new date.

  • A new date/time can be left as TBD for up to a year.

  • If we are not available on your new date, your deposit will be refunded (new date must be requested at least 2 months in advance to qualify for this term).

    • Trial payments for work already completed remain non-refundable. ​

  • We urge makeup clients to get the top half of their face made-up and not the bottom half so that the client can wear their mask the entire appointment. We will refund or charge $12 less for every client that chooses to do this. 

    • Please understand that we cannot refund more than this. The eyes/brows take up 90% of appointment time so we are refunding around 10% of makeup application pricing.


Although we are here to serve you, our artists mean the world to us as well. Here is what we expect from you in regards to respecting our artists and policies:

  • Know and understand the above information.

  • Comply to all safety guidelines.

    • Artists are allowed to leave if you or someone in your group refuses to comply. No refunds will be given.​

  • Individual artists may have additional safety precautions that they are personally taking. We expect clients to respect their wishes and make them feel as comfortable with you as they always make you feel with them.

    • Please respect that this is a scary time for everyone. Realize that although a lot of artists do not want to be taking clients for safety reasons, they have to pay the bills and don't have a choice but to work. Please sympathize during this time and make them feel as safe as possible.​

  • Understand that no matter how many precautions are taken on both ends, it will always be a risk to be around other people during this time, and you are choosing to take that risk by booking hair and makeup styling with any company. We are not responsible if you or someone in your group gets sick. We recommend that everyone wait to have their wedding/event once there is a vaccine. 

  • Understand that if it becomes non-permitted for us to carry out services when your service date rolls around, we may not have a choice but to cancel your services. We have always and will always comply with city/state guidelines. If this is the case, your remaining balance will not be charged but your deposit will remain non-refundable. Understand this is a risk you are taking by booking personal services during this time. We will allow you to reschedule your services at any time and your deposit will apply to the new date.

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