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  • Q: “Are you available on my date?”
    A: Yes! We have an abundance of artists which means someone should always be available!
  • Q: “Do you do hair as well?”
    A: Absolutely! We have a large team of both hair and makeup artists!
  • Q: “What kinds of products do you use?”
    A: All of our artists use professional grade products. Most of which cannot be bought without a license. Our products are also specifically made for the camera! Smile, gorgeous!
  • Q: "Do you specialize in a certain look?""
    A: All of our artists are extremely well rounded and can do any look. We hire nothing less!
  • Q: "What are the travel rates?""
    LOS ANGELES/ORANGE COUNTY: $15 per artist per 10 miles. Travel is based on your artists exact zip code. SAN DIEGO: $15 per artist per 20 miles. Travel is based on your artists exact zip code.
  • Q: "What's included in your price?""
    A: All products needed to service everyone in your group including lashes for makeup services! The only thing you need to provide is any extras such as hairpieces if you so desire, and lipstick if you wish to reapply.
  • Q: “Can I schedule a trial?”
    A: Of course! Conveniently book online here!:
  • Q: "What is your booking process?"
    1. Submit a booking form: 2. Upon submission, we will check artist availability and match you with artist(s) based on your location, requests, and needs. 3. After we confirm your artist(s), we will send you a 40% deposit invoice from Square to finalize. You will also receive a second email from us with links to your artist(s) profiles. If everything is to your satisfaction, submit the deposit. 4. We will send you a confirmation email with all appointment details shortly thereafter!
  • Q: "How do I book?""
    A: Convenitently book online here!:
  • Q: "I'm late for my appointment. What should I do?""
    A: If you’re running late, no worries! We allow a 15 minute grace period for you to arrive. If you are running late, please email us at or text us at (858)522-0738 so we can contact your hairstylist and/or makeup artist to inform them. The tardy rate starts after 15 minutes and is $1.67 per minute/per artist ($100 per hour/per Artist) will be added to Payment. Pertains to Client(s) being late to agreed to start time and/or other party members being late to their turn for styling, resulting in Artist(s) having to wait. If the Client(s) tardiness leaves the Artist(s) less than 45 minutes per person (in relation to the contracts initially agreed to finish time). Artist(s) have the right to leave without completing services. Balance due must still be PAID IN FULL, WITH ADDITIONAL CHARGES.
  • Q: "How should I prepare for my appointment?""
    MAKEUP: For a makeup appointment, please make sure your face is clean and free of any prior makeup. HAIR: If your appointment is for a blowout, we recommend your hair is washed and damp by the time your hairstylist arrives. For updos and dry styles, your hair should be clean and dry. We recommend washing your hair a day or two before your appointment (depending on how fast your hair gets oily) to see the best results.
  • Q: "What is your cancellation policy?""
    A: At the time of booking, a 40% non-refundable deposit is due. However, we understand that things may come up. If you cancel 30 days or more before your appointment, the remaining balance will not be charged. If you cancel 16-29 days prior, 50% will be charged. If you cancel fifteen days or less prior to the service date(s), you will be charged the full remaining balance. To cancel, please email
  • Q: "How long is the appointment?""
    A: If you are booking both hair and makeup we usually send 2 artists, one hair and one makeup (depending on availability). So whether you are booking for one service or both the timing will be the same! For 1 person, we book you for an hour. For more than 1 person, we schedule for 45 minutes a person. If you are scheduled with one artist for both services, we will schedule at 45 minutes per service.
  • Q: "Can I request a hairstylist or makeup artist that I loved for a future appointment?""
    A: Of course! When you book your next appointment you will have the option of requesting any artist you'd like, just include it in the "notes" section. If for some reason the stylist/artist is not available for the appointment time you would like to book, please remember that all our beauty professionals are talented and awesome! We hire nothing less!
  • Q: "Is airbrush makeup better than regular foundation?""
    A: Not necessarily. Airbrush makeup tends to look more natural but does not provide as much coverage as regular foundation unless you layer. Multiple layers can result in a "cakey" look. If you prefer medium to full coverage for foundation, we suggest having your makeup artist hand-blend a custom foundation for you.
  • Q: "Do you provide the hair extensions?"
    No, we do not provide extensions. The extension add-on service is for the extra time and expertise it takes to incorporate extensions to flow with your desired style. They must be provided by the client. Must be HUMAN HAIR and CLIP-IN extensions. Synthetic will melt and does not pin/style well. We do not apply anything but clip-ins (such as tape-ins, sew-ins, K-Tips, I-Tips, etc). We recommend buying your extensions ahead of time and having your personal hairstylist layer them to match your hair. New extensions come in a blunt cut and it will show dramatically in your style.
  • Q: "How last minute can I book by appointment?""
    A: We will accept appointments with at least 2 weeks notice. Although there is NO guarantee we will have availability. We will accept or decline your appointment request within 48 business hours. We highly recommend booking your appointment at least 3 months in advance if possible.
  • Q: "I had a problem with my service, who should I contact?""
    A: We take customer satisfaction very seriously and we’re sorry to hear you had an issue with your service. Please email us at with full details. We will respond as soon as we possibly can.
  • What are your prices?
    We'd be happy to send you a quote! Please fill out our 60 second quote request form here:
  • How do I book you for my event?
    We can't wait to work with you! Please submit a booking request here:
  • What is required to book?
    A completed booking request form ( A 40% deposit which will be sent once we confirm artists. You will receive an email with a link to your artists work to view before finalizing your booking.
  • Can I view my artists before booking?
    Absolutely! Once a booking request is submitted and we match you with available artists, we will send you an email with a link to your artists work for you to view before finalizing your booking.
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