This makeup and/or hairstyling agreement is made and entered into as of 'Agreement Submission Date' by and between 'Client Name' and Mobile Radiance. In consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained out and, intending to be legally bound hereby, the above Client has entered the correct information and agrees as follows:

1. We intend to have the same artists for the wedding that are at the trial. However, please understand the Makeup Artist’s and Hair Stylist’s obligation to give services hereunder is subject to the unavailability of the Artist as a result of sickness, accidents, acts of God and other reasons beyond the Artist’s control.

2.  PAYMENT: In full consideration for all services rendered by the Artist(s) at the location, the Client agrees to make the following Payment in the U.S. funds to Mobile Radiance including:

a. NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: The Client wills a deposit of 40% of the event day payment to Mobile Radiance at the time of appointment acceptance. Booking will not be completed until the full 40% deposit is paid, and the agreement is signed and returned. Upon submittal of contract, your card will not be charged until we accept the appointment. If we cannot accept your appointment, your card will not be charged.

b. PAYMENT OF BALANCE: The remaining balance will be scheduled to automatically be charged to the card on file two days before the service date (Trial separately if there is a planned trial). All other forms of payment are not accepted. Remaining payments earlier than two days before the appointment date is not accepted. A reminder that tip is not included in our pricing and we add a mandatory 10% tip to your invoice. Extra gratuity can be paid directly to the artists in cash, day-of.

3.  ​PROBLEMS PROCESSING PAYMENT: If a problem occurs while processing the remaining Payment, another payment method must be given by 5 pm PST the day before the service date or appointment will be canceled. You will still owe the full balance.


a. Changes regarding taking OFF services must be done 30 days or more before the service date to not be charged for the canceled services. 16-29 days to only owe 50% of the remaining balance. Otherwise, it cannot be taken off, and full balance is due whether or not all clients show up. It is best to have a solid final number when booking. For the FULL cancellation policy, please see number 11.

b. If the change is regarding time or address, you may request that at any time, although it may not be accepted. We cannot guarantee your artists will be able to accommodate the changes due to other appointments or travel preferences. We also cannot guarantee we will be able to find other artists in the event your original artists cannot accommodate the changes. Please do your best to have everything set in stone according to your preferences before booking. 

5.  ADD-ONS: We allow add-on requests at any time, even day-of. This does not mean they will be accepted if your artists can not accommodate the extra time needed by either starting earlier or finishing later due to other appointments. If they can, we are not responsible for completing all services by the initial contracted finish time. If you add-on services, you must allow the extra time.

6.  TARDY RATE: Starts after 15 minutes. $1.67 per minute/per artist ($100 per hour/per Artist) will be added to Payment. Pertains to Client(s) being late to agreed to start time and/or other party members being late to their turn for styling, resulting in Artist(s) having to wait. If the Client(s) tardiness leaves the Artist(s) less than 45 minutes per person (in relation to the contracts initially agreed to finish time). Artist(s) have the right to leave without completing services. Balance due must still be PAID IN FULL, WITH ADDITIONAL CHARGES.

7.  TOUCH UP RATE: $100 per hour/per Artist (pertains to Client(s) needing touch-ups after initial application). Time does not start until after the initial application has been completed. Artist(s) will stay at the location to do touch-ups, unless you want them to leave and come back. In that event, you would need to pay for a regular priced session again with a possible different available artist. If you want to pay hourly but also need a location change, there will be a $50 fee per Artist to change locations. Standard travel rates will also apply. (Please contact us to add touch-ups.)


a. Los Angeles/Orange County: 

$10 per stylist for up to 15 miles

$20 per stylist for 15-25 miles


b. San Diego: 

$10 per stylist for up to 20 miles

$20 per stylist for 21-40 miles

c. We always try to book the closest artists to your address to negate travel fees as much as possible. This is subject to artist availability and how close to the date you book. You will be notified of exact travel fees via email before paying the deposit and finalizing your appointment. 

9.  PARKING: If parking fees occur, the saved card on file will be charged the exact amount of parking fees incurred. You will be emailed a copy of the parking receipt(s). 

10. WET HAIR: Please have everyone show up with DRY hair; UNLESS, the Client has booked a blowout. Understand that blow-drying before styling can take us up to double the time. This is why it is an add-on due to the extra time that is needed. $20 extra for a blowout add-on will be charged if the Client has wet hair. We are not responsible for being able to finish in the initial agreed to end time if these directions are not followed. If the Client(s) accidental wet hair and needed blowout leaves the Artist(s) less than 45 minutes per person (in relation to the contracts initially agreed to finish time). Artist(s) have the right to leave for other appointments without completing services.

11.  PAYMENT DUE/CANCELLATION: At the time of booking, a 40% non-refundable deposit is due. However, we understand that things may come up. If you cancel 30 days or more before your appointment, the remaining balance will not be charged. If you cancel 16-29 days prior, 50% will be charged. If you cancel fifteen days or less prior to the service date(s), you will be charged the full remaining balance. 
      a. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE. If we do not feel it is a good fit for Mobile Radiance and said Client to work together, we have the right to cancel anyone, for any reason. If this were to happen, the deposit for the service date would be returned.


a. USE OF PERSONAL PRODUCTS: If Client wishes for us to use a specific product, we will! But that product must be purchased and ready to go by the Client by the time we arrive.
b. USE OF PRODUCTS: By signing this contract, you and every one meant to be serviced under this contract consent to us using our professional products. Clients will provide their own product if they would like to use a specific product or are knowingly allergic to any ingredients possibly present in our products. We are not responsible for any allergic reactions.


13.  EXTENSIONS: We will only apply HUMAN HAIR CLIP-IN EXTENSIONS. Extensions must be provided by Client. Synthetic hair will melt.



a. If the Client chooses not to do a trial before the service date, we are not responsible for redoing the makeup if the Client is not satisfied. Trials are NOT mandatory but highly recommended. Trials are non-refundable.
b. If the Client chooses not to book the trial and wedding day at the same time, we cannot guarantee the same Artist(s) day of the wedding. 

c. If a client books a trial only, the event date remains open and we cannot guarantee availability if the two are not booked together.

15. STYLING: If the Client wishes for us to create a style that is not reasonable, and our Artist(s) recommend finding something else or suggests a better way; yet the Client refuses, we are not responsible, nor are our Artist(s) if the hairstyle/makeup does not hold throughout the day, does not turn out good in pictures, or is unsatisfactory in any way when it was beyond our professional opinion to do the requested style. 


a. Trials: We schedule trials for an hour and a half. The average trial takes 45 minutes. We allow up to 2 hours (IF your Artist(s) have the time to give you the extra 30 minutes). If you cannot decide on a style and keep your artists longer than 2 hours per person, you will be charged $100/hr per Artist. Add 15 minutes for airbrushing or a blowout add-on.
b. Day-Of: We schedule day-of appointments for 45 minutes per person. The average appointment takes 30-40 minutes. We allow up to an hour and 15 minutes per person (IF your Artist(s) have the time to give you the extra 30 minutes). If you cannot decide on a style, resulting in you keeping your Artist(s) longer than an hour and 15 minutes per person, you will be charged $100/hr per Artist. Add 15 minutes for airbrushing or a blowout add-on.

17.  MISCELLANEOUS: The makeup service agreement and the attached rider(s), if any, set forth the entire agreement between the parties, and may not be amended except in writing signed by both parties. This project agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without regard to the principles of conflicts of law. In any action or proceeding involving a dispute between the Client and the Artist arising out of this project agreement, the prevailing party will be entitled to receive from the losing party reasonable attorney’s fees.

18.  TEMPORARY COVID-19 POLICY/FLEXIBILITIES (Valid from March 2020 - December 2021)

1. We are allowing cancellations up to a week prior to the service date.
2. Remaining balances will not be owed if the booking is canceled at least a week in advance.
3. We are allowing rescheduling at any time (even if your new date is a year from now!) without owing another deposit to secure the new date.
4. A new date/time can be left as TBD for up to a year.
5. If we are not available on your new date, your deposit will be refunded (new date must be requested at least 2 months in advance to qualify).
6. Trial payments for work already completed remain non-refundable. ​
7. We urge makeup clients to get the top half of their face made-up and not the bottom half so that the client can wear their mask the entire appointment. We will refund or charge $12 less for every client that chooses to do this. (Please understand that we cannot refund more than this. The eyes/brows take up 90% of appointment time so we are refunding around 10% of makeup application pricing.)

8. No friends, family members, children, or photographers are allowed in the room or space where the client is getting serviced. Maximum of 2 people in the room or outside area at a time.
9. Everyone, including clients, must wear cloth face coverings the entire time our artists are present in the clients home, hotel room, or venue.

10. If weather and circumstances permit, we prefer to work outside. Please do what you can to supply an outlet and extension cord. 

11. If 2 artists are scheduled, we ask that you make enough room for artists to work in different spaces or rooms.

12. Clients are to comply to all safety guidelines. Artists are allowed to leave if you or someone in your group refuses to comply. No refunds will be given.​

13. Individual artists may have additional safety precautions that they are personally taking. We expect clients to respect their wishes and make them feel as comfortable with you as they always make you feel with them.

14. Understand that no matter how many precautions are taken on both ends, it will always be a risk to be around other people during this time, and you are choosing to take that risk by booking hair and makeup styling with any company. We are not responsible if you or someone in your group gets sick. We recommend that everyone wait to have their wedding/event once there is a vaccine. 

15. Understand that if it becomes non-permitted for us to carry out services when your service date rolls around, we may not have a choice but to cancel your services. If this is the case, your remaining balance will not be charged but your deposit will remain non-refundable. Understand this is a risk you are choosing to take by booking personal services during this time. We will allow you to reschedule your services at any time and your deposit will apply to the new date.