Don't waste your money on hourly touch-ups, Stay Fresh & Looking Your Best With Our Touch-Up Kits!


Everything included comes in a convenient mini size so that it's not only easy to take with you, it also saves you money. Purchasing every high end product included in these kits in full size would cost you $118.78. We buy them in bulk and make them into mini sizes so that you can get everything for only $17.99!


Sure beats paying $100/hr per artist to stay for touch-ups!


  • Getting Oily? Use the blotting papers! Press a sheet firmly but gently (do not wipe) against the shiny areas of your face. Leave the paper against your skin for a few seconds while the sheet absorbs the oil.


  • Use the powder and wedge to touch up makeup and get rid of shine. Edges of the wedge allow you to get in small areas. A little goes a long way! Tap excess back into the container before applying. 


  • Use cotton swabs to clean under or in the corner of your eyes.


  • Use the setting spray to set and re-mattify your makeup.


  • Take care of any flyaways with hairspray and the mascara wand. It acts as a little brush! Spray your hair or mascara wand and use the wand to brush and stick hairs into place!


  • It's the end of the night and you want nothing more than to take off your makeup in the car on your way home Use your makeup wipe! We're all about convenience.

    Touch-Up Kits

    • What's Included?

      1. Ben Nye Translucent Powder
      2. Wedge Powder Applicator
      3. Paul Mitchell Hairspray
      4. Mascara Wand For Flyaways
      5. OFRA Setting Spray
      6. Spray Hand Sanitizer
      7. Makeup Wipe
      8. Kotex Pad
      9. Advil
      10. Tic Tacs
      11. Oil Blotting Papers
      12. Q-Tips
      13. Bobby Pins
      14. Nail File
      15. Cotton Pads
      16. Toothpicks
      17. Tissue Pack
      18. Mirror